Idiotike bobo

From pandunia kitabe

idioti bufon Silly Asses
de Isaak Asimov By Isaac Asimov
paso, Naron da longohayi ras Rigeli esa nombre cari da li linye da hafiza galaksi defta. Naron of the long-lived Rigellian race was the fourth of his line to keep the galactic records.
le tena day buke da inda liste da poli galaksopolia-su-du ras da jinlewa pa razonable, He had a large book which contained the list of the numerous races throughout the galaxies that had developed intelligence,
e vero max lil buke da lista ras da laylewa maturia e basoxuti1 pa Galaksi Unisia. and the much smaller book that listed those races that had reached maturity and had qualified for the Galactic Federation.
sa nombre un buke, koy da lista-du we lewo kruslinyu; we da – ca koy sabe – luza. In the first book, a number of those listed were crossed out; those that, for one reason or another, had failed.
mal zar; jivokemi2 o jivofiziki3 anbasia; mal soci ratibe, e ale, lewo damaja. Misfortune, biochemical or biophysical shortcomings, social maladjustment took their toll.
sa max lil buke, lekino, nol lista-du membre anzayisu yexo. In the smaller book, however, no member listed had yet blanked out.
e zayo Naron, day e anxinablo4 purani, kana supra, sa anjiler kariba. And now Naron, large and incredibly ancient, looked up as a messenger approached.
“Naron,” anjiler loga. “Day Mon!” “Naron,” said the messenger. “Great One!”
“wel, wel, ke wanu? mina rite.” “Well, well, what is it? Less ceremony.”
“ali grupe da jive laylewa maturia.” “Another group of organisms has attained maturity.”
“guni. guni. we zayisu tezo zayo. karibo mono un nen pasa na novi une. e ye ke?” “Excellent. Excellent. They are coming up quickly now. Scarcely a year passes without a new one. And who are these?”
anjiler dona kodi nombre da galaksia, e dixe da pa dunia da indu le. The messenger gave the code number of the galaxy and the coordinates of the world within it.
“Ah, so,” logu Naron. “me jana wi dunia.” Ah, yes,” said Naron. “I know the world.”
e sa liwi kitabe, le nota we sa nombre un buke, e kina we-du nam pa nombre duli – And in flowing script he noted it in the first book and transferred its name into the second,
uza, rasmoyango, nam da su planete janu zi dem. using, as was customary, the name by which the planet was known to the largest fraction of its populace.
le kitaba: Zemia. He wrote: Earth.
le loga, “yi novi jive fata ansupra-du xey.”  He said, “These new creatures have set a record.”
“nol ali grupe pasa ca razonable pa maturia yo rapo. nol galte, inxala.” “No other group has passed from intelligence to maturity so quickly. No mistake, I hope.”
“nol, ono’ren,” logu anjiler. “None, sir,” said the messenger.
“lole laylewa sa termokerni energe, vero?” “They have attained to thermonuclear power, have they?”
“vero, ono’ren.”  “Yes, sir.”
“wel, we xarte.” Naron mirdohaha. “e suno loli bote testa pa waye, e baxa sa Unisia.” “Well, that’s the criterion.” Naron chuckled. “And soon their ships will probe out and contact the Federation.”
“so, Day Mon,” logu anjiler, anameno, “Noter loga, lole no jina kosmia yexo.” “Actually, Great One,” said the messenger, reluctantly, “the Observers tell us they have not yet penetrated space.”
Naron ajabu. “puro no? ato no kosmi estasia?” Naron was astonished. “Not at all? Not even a space station?”
“yexo no, ono’ren.” “Not yet, sir.”
“a aga lole tena termokerni energe, ke su lole fata zi teste e bume?”  “But if they have thermonuclear power, where do they conduct the tests and detonations?”
“sa loli malki planete, ono’ren.” “On their own planet, sir.”
Naron gawu pa zi puri, duldesi fute du gawia, e groma, “sa loli malki planete?” Naron rose to his full twenty feet of height and thundered, “On their own planet?”
“so, ono’ren.” “Yes, sir.”
lento, Naron waya li kalam, e grafa linye, transa maxim novi maxe sa max lil buke. Slowly Naron drew out his stylus and passed a line through the latest addition in the small book.
ye ancena-du fate, a so, Naron vero sofi, e abla kana anbegabli,5 samo ko eni ren sa galaksia. It was an unprecedented act, but, then, Naron was very wise and could see the inevitable as well as anyone in the galaxy.
“idioti bufon,” le mirdo loga. “Silly asses,” he muttered.