halo, dunia!

Hello, world! Welcome to learn about Pandunia, the evenly global helping language!

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What is Pandunia?

Pandunia is a helping language for world-wide use. It is an easy language that people can use to talk with each other when they don't talk any other common language. It is meant to supplement other languages in our multilingual world.

Pandunia is a constructed language. It is simpler, more regular and easier to learn than natural world languages, like English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Arabic and Hindi. Learning Pandunia is equally easy for everybody. Its words have been borrowed from many languages on all continents and all cultures of the world.

The second version of Pandunia was published in September 2021. It includes simpler grammar, more international word forms, and many new words.

How to learn it?



Join Others

Many people are already interested about Pandunia and they are speaking it. You can find Pandunia forums in several places:

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You can contact the creator and a main developer of Pandunia, Risto Kupsala, via email risto@pandunia.info and in the aforementioned forums.